Tailgating Tips

1. Pack a cooler like a pro.

2. Show up 3-4 hours early.


3. Tie helium balloons to your car/tent so friends can find you.


4. Line your portable grill with foil for easy cleanup.


5. Re-purpose an empty 6-pack holder as a condiment caddy.


6. Attach magnets to your koozies so you can stick them to the car.


7. When the weather gets cold, bring thermoses of hot soup & tin mugs for serving.


8. Show your spirit with team-colored cupcakes or popcorn.

Team Colored Frosting Formulas


9. Know some clutch bottle opening tricks for beer and wine.


10. Fill an empty detergent dispenser with water to make a hand-washing station.


11. Bring a big plastic tub for dirty dishes.


12. Make an instant trash can with a pop-up hamper and garbage bag.


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