Living February 10, 2021

2021 Home Trends

Ready for a fresh start in 2021? With home still the place to be, refreshing your indoor and outdoor living spaces can make a big difference in your everyday life. The stresses and challenges of 2020 have influenced the trends of 2021 with a turn toward comfort, nostalgia and independent spaces to work and play…


#1: Dedicated Personal Spaces

Sick of working at your dining room table? Desperate for a peaceful spot to exercise? You’re not alone! That’s why home offices and other clearly delineated, private spaces have become more important than ever.
Even if you’re short on space, creative solutions such as turning your closet into a “cloffice” or installing folding room dividers can help you carve out space to study, Zoom or keep fit in peace.


#2: Plants & Indoor Gardens

While the houseplant trend predates the pandemic, quarantine has intensified its popularity as people yearn to bring the outdoors in. You can try out your green thumb—and improve your air quality—by using real plants as decor (try Bloomscape’s predicted winner, Ficus altissima). Just make sure you pick the right specimens for your level of natural light. Some folks are even installing special lighting for their own indoor herb or veggie gardens.

Looking for something low-maintenance? Convincing faux versions are widely available, offer more flexibility and still add a fresh look.


#3: Wood & Rattan Accents

Dovetailing off the houseplant trend, natural materials are one of the years biggest trends—from wood-grain kitchen cabinets and countertops to rattan furniture and lighting fixtures. Natural wood-grain shelving and paneling are also increasing in prominence.


#4: Nostalgic Furniture & Palettes

In the wake of 2020’s frightening new unknowns, people are seeking comfort with familiar throw-backs from simpler times. The funky mauve, emerald green and burnt orange of decades past are making a comeback along with paneled walls, ’80s curvy furniture and ’90s traditionalism. Retro art and accent pieces continue to be popular.


#5: Next-Level Outdoor Areas

As winter contributes to our year-long cabin fever, more households are dreaming of bigger and better outdoor spaces. Park-like playgrounds, zip lines and DIY climbing walls are making an appearance in backyards. Safer al fresco entertaining spaces are also in demand with outdoor kitchens, dining areas and fire pits all on the rise.


Need an easy refresh? Try adding throw pillows, blankets or artwork in hues from Pantone’s Spring/Summer 2021 color palette.



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